Insurance Law

While living and doing business in Serbia, you might find it useful to have insurance policies in various areas of life. The most common are car insurance, civil liability insurance and property insurance. Some types of insurance are compulsory, but even optional policies can be advisable to have. 

Insurance companies are not on your side

In case of an insurance claim, insurance companies are sometimes refusing payment because of purely formal reasons. Other times, they use biased or internal expert opinions to determine the amount of compensation. They are counting on the ignorance of the beneficiary, or that their client will be happy with what they get.

When assisted by an expert lawyer with a thorough knowledge of Serbian insurance law, you can be sure to avoid formal errors, and effectively fight attempts of insurance companies to get rid of you. With the help of an attorney specialising in insurance law, the compensation you receive might amount to two or even three times as much as the insurance company initially offers you.

Insurance consultation

We are happy to advise about the insurance policies that are compulsory or good to have, depending on your specific situation of business activity. We can also review the terms of an insurance contract before you sign it, identifying potential pitfalls and disadvantages that are easy for the untrained eye to overlook. This way, you can get the most value for your insurance payments in case you ever need to file a claim.

Get your compensation

Should you find yourself involved in an insurance claim process, we are happy to help you throughout the whole procedure. Whether it’s a traffic accident or a workplace injury, we will make sure to secure the best possible outcome for you.