Legal Services

A good lawyer is your true ally - especially if you are a foreigner trying to do any kind of business in an unfamiliar country. He can make sure can get everything done quickly and efficiently, avoiding risks as much as possible. 

But how to make sure you choose the right ally, who will be able to be of assistance whatever issue comes up? The easiest is to contract not an individual lawyer but a law firm that employs experts of various fields. This way you will not have to search for a new attorney for every single venture of yours, but can rely on the firm to assign to your case a lawyer who is in possession of all the knowledge necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Law as such has several branches, and no one person can be expert of all, while a law firm can have one or more colleagues who are experts of each branch. Accordingly, the colleagues and affiliates working with us can surely be of assistance to you. Are you planning to relocate to Serbia with your family, get a residence permit, purchase property, set up a company, hire staff, or make an investment? We regularly handle cases like these, and our well-established workflows ensure a straightforward and worry-free process on your side.

Local know-how and professional expertise will help you achieve whatever goal you set your mind to. We know well the legal requirements of each procedure alongside the frequent pitfalls which you will be able to this way avoid. Let us know how we can be of assistance, and ask for a quote uniquely tailored to your situation. Call our office on +381 21 300 27 67, or drop us an email to The first consultation and giving a quote is free of charge.

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