Commercial Law in Serbia

Do you want to do business and earn money - that is, perform gainful acitivity in Serbia? The easiest way might be to set up a Serbian company. Forming an LLC is quick and the procedure is fairly simple, even though there are several aspects to consider.

Company formation and liquidation

While forming your own company in Serbia is relatively straightforward, it is essential to make sure everything is handled according to regulation. There are a number of steps to consider: registering the company at the Court of Registry, paying the registration fee, applying for a tax number, opening a company bank account, and obtaining a social security number for the director.

If you decide to close your Serbian company, this also requires a number of official steps. After the director of the company signs the liquidation documents, there are submitted to the company court, which can take several months to arrive at its decision for granting the liquidation. Commercial Law in Serbia mandates that a full financial audit of the company also has to be carried out, to demonstrate that the company does not have any debts and paid all required taxes.

Tax regulations in Serbia

Tax Law is an extremely important subset of Commercial Law in Serbia. Taxation rates and limits differ from country to country, and it often takes an experienced professional to find the most favourable setup for a particular situation. Not applying for a particular rebate or exclusion can cost your company dearly. Similarly, not keeping with the regulations or missing reporting duties can lead to heavy fines from the authorities.

Our experts will explain the regulations, deadlines and payments relevant for your company’s needs. We will identify the most optimal tax scheme for your situation, so that you can maximize profits while keeping your company fully compliant.