Civil Law

We advise expats living in Serbia or planning to relocate on a variety of issues ranging from residency and citizenship to insurance and real estate. We employ experts of a variety of fields to help you find the most optimal solution suited to your specific needs.

Residency and Citizenship

It is easy to obtain temporary or permanent residency in Serbia. If you form your own Serbian company, you can immediately get a temporary residence permit, which you can later change to a permanent residence permit and even Serbian citizenship. Read more about our residency and citizenship services here.

Serbia recently launched its attractive Citizenship Investment Program. With a relatively low investment, you can acquire European citizenship and travel visa-free throughout Europe and many Asian and African countries. In addition, you can easily include your spouse, children and even parents to the Citizenship Investment Program. Read more about it here.

Work permit

If you want to work as a foreign citizen in Serbia, your employer will need to obtain a work permit for you as well. The costs of the work permit have to be paid by the employer, and the employee cannot be asked to pay them. If you have formed your own company in Serbia, but you are not receiving a salary as a managing director or in a similar function, you do not need a work permit. Similarly, if you live in Serbia to establish business contacts and opportunities, but do not undertake any gainful activity in the country, a work permit is not necessary.


Should the unexpected happen, it’s better to be prepared in advance. We help you choose the best insurance deals and represent your interests against the insurance company if necessary. Read more about our insurance-related services here.

Buying an apartment

Serbia has relatively liberal regulations for foreigners buying real estate. In addition, apartments are still relatively affordable, but they are steadily rising, especially in Belgrade and Novi Sad. These conditions make it ideal for an expat in Serbia to buy and apartment of their own. With our property law experts and extended network, we will make the process a breeze. Read the details here.