Company startup consulting

Setting up a company in Serbia is quinck and easy - if you already know the process. If this is your first time, it might take some time to figure out all the requirements. That's why it is worth contracting an expert assistant who is already familiar with the process together with all its aspects and pitfalls.

Don’t get lost in the bureaucracy

Starting your business in a new country can present a bigger challenge than just the language barrier. The laws are different, the regulations unusual, and even the unwritten customs can surprise you.

Our experienced professionals will show you the most convenient way to realise your business plan. At the same time, we will help you ensure that your company is fully compliant with all national and international regulations.

Spoken words fly away, written words remain

This proverb comes from ancient Rome, but it is still relevant today. You’ve just had a successful business meeting and shook hands on the deal – so far, so good. But will all parties remember the exact details a month after?

Putting your agreements in writing can only work in your favour. This way, your attorneys can check if everything in the contract is compliant with regulations, and if it is truly in your favour. Of course, we can also prepare agreements and contracts in a wide variety of fields, making sure you avoid potential problems before they even come up.

Know the market

Even if you are an experienced business owner, new markets can come with new challenges. Don’t just assume that a strategy that worked in one country will be just as good in the next. The customers might prefer quality over price more, or a competitor might already have covered the existing demand.

As part of our consulting service for Serbian company formation, we can conduct market research for you before you’ve invested the time and energy in forming a new company. This way, you can rest assured that your investment will yield the best results.